Saturday, December 29, 2012

Popular Transporter, MC Oluomo Takes Britico Wife!

*Popular Transporter, MC Oluomo Takes British Wife

*To Put To Bed Soon

Free-spending and popular transporter cum socialite, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya who is better known as MC Oluomo, is in a gay mood right now. And the reason for that is that he would soon be a father to a dual national baby. According to the information at the disposal of Different Stroke Media, the fair complexioned party-rocker has kept telling every artiste on the bandstand at any party he goes lately to praise-sing him as "Oko Britico tuntun" (the latest hubby to a British woman) and the moment that is infused into his eulogy the gear of his mood changes spontaneously into the apex. And as the adrenalin begins to rush through his veins in that instance, cash begins to fly out of his pocket into the air like confetti simultaneously. Such was the case at a burial party he(MC Oluomo) attended in Surulere, Lagos, yesterday where Fuji star, Alhaji Ramoni Akanni aka Raymon King was on the bandstand. The moment MC Oluomo walked into the venue amidst his usual entourage made up of Koko Zaria, Sir Kay, Spyder, Kesh and a few others, the artiste switched into eulogizing the transporter who had his two hands tucked(in his usual manner) into the two pockets of the trousers(Sokoto in Yoruba), of the aso-ebi he was wearing. A few minutes after settling down at the table reserved for them, one of his protégés went straight to the artiste to whisper something into his ear. And what the talented artiste started doing was to use the reference "Oko Britico tuntun" each time he mentioned MC Oluomo's name. Meanwhile, when he eventually stormed the stage to appreciate the Ogbomoso, Oyo state based artiste with cash, he beamed smiles of fulfillment mixed with accomplishment each time the refrain "Oko Britico tuntun" was mentioned. And all of a sudden he interjected on top of his voice that: " London lati lo nse ikomo!" (We are going for the naming ceremony in London). But how many people the super rich transporter would be transporting via the air to the Queen's land for the "unusual" naming ceremony coming up soon is yet unknown. One thing is certain though, he has the financial muscle to fly as many as he wants to and fro London. And with his current mood, anything is just possible.

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